German hot-air system for invisible edge banding

The hot air nozzle system from Schugoma, to either be combined with the conventional gluing system, or to be replaced on any through-feed edge bander is an affordable revolution in the edge banding process.

Your through feed edge bander may be new or old, but is still “in good shape” and you have heard a lot about invisible joints, laser edge banding and its outstanding quality?

You wonder if it is also suitable for production. Can it be implemented? Where do we get the edge material? Since 2009 invisible joint edges have come to be a common demand in the furniture industry. Not only manufacturers, but even distributors of furniture and consumers are increasingly demanding this high quality.

The Schugoma hot-air system is the most economical edge banding solution producing invisible joints with feed speeds from 15-25 metres per minute, as well as industrial applications with higher speeds.

Technology upgrade

The patented Schugoma hot-air system from Germany fits harmoniously with your edge banding system as a technology upgrade. Not only to your machine, to your complete range of products. Any brand of through-feed edge banding machine can be retrofitted with this outstanding feature.

The edge banding application, previously done exceptionally by the conventional glue pot, is now carried out using the hot-air system combined with the invisible joint edge: laser edges, co-extruded polymer edges, pre-coated edges or pre-glued edges.

Furthermore, the hot-air system gives you the option to process even the most challenging moulded parts and gives the edging material the desired pliability.

Laser edges or co-extruded edges, as well as pre-coated edges, are available from all major edge manufacturers. The edge manufacturers have reacted on the increasing demand on these edges and invested in their manufacturing sites in Asia-Pacific to produce the edges locally.

Start glue-less edge banding in your shop floor with competitive and quality edges in the market. This highly acclaimed product from Germany is brought to you by Atrogo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Atrogo is also a knowledge partner of Homag India. For details contact



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