Aristo Zones: a new opportunity in wardrobes

Aristo sliding doors and wardrobes have become a norm in premium homes across India. Since its introduction in India in 2011, Aristo has expanded to 14 states across the country, with three of its own factories and with distributor factories in six metro cities.

The product has become the sliding door standard for good reason. Why is the Aristo sliding door so popular?

•         Grand floor-to-ceiling doors

•         Beautiful glass panels in endless colours

•         Adapts to variety of uses and site conditions

•         Quick and seamless installation and support

Aristo is looking at expanding its business even further by appointing new distributors, dealers and design partners in Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Lucknow and Patna.

It is looking for young interior designers with experience in residential interiors; people with backend manufacturing or fabrication facilities; those with showroom space of at least 700 square feet.

Aristo is also offering dealership opportunities for designers and retailers of interior products across the country. Prospective candidates must have interior products retail showroom, with up to 1,000 square feet for a dedicated Aristo Zone display.

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