Alstone to launch India’s first unlined floors

In the vast market of stone and wooden flooring, Delhi-based Alstone Industries has come up with another extraordinary product in the form of FloorXtra, a virgin vinyl flooring solution.

Like all other Alstone products, FloorXtra is water- and termite-proof and fire retardant. But the USP of FloorXtra lies in its unique unlined technology, which hides the demarcating lines between two adjacent panels, thus giving a seamless flooring option.

The unlined bonding ensures that the bond lasts forever and the adjacent panel does not open up: there is thus no swelling or dwelling for pests and termites. The aluminium oxide coating gives FloorXtra an edge of 15-25 years of impressive functionality and performance over others.

It is a 100% virgin vinyl product and does not use any hazardous chemical in its manufacturing process. It is a hygienic, safe and completely green and sustainable product.

FloorXtra is engineered to sustain all climatic conditions and application areas in both commercial and domestic spaces such as malls, exhibition areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and lobbies. No amount of water or moisture can affect its performance.

FloorXtra is resistant to warping, bending and scratches due to its high density stable panel. The unlined grooving makes it easy to install, remove, replace and reinstall even by a layman.

FloorXtra is made in such a way that it gives you a natural look close to nature. It gives a uniform pattern of knot and grains that repeats itself every 64 feet, unlike random patterns of knot and grain in other wooden flooring.

Accessories like reducers and skirting are also provided by the company. For more information, visit




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