Prestige Interio renamed PraveedhDécor

Mumbai-based Prestige Interio Concepts, manufacturers of OpuLux, Nivesa, and Zooper panels, is now Praveedh Decor! Praveedh is Sanskrit for knowledge and technical superiority.

The new name manifests the company’s insatiable hunger to learn and master new processes, and to adopt technology with the laser-sharp focus of providing the best panel solutions to its customers. Its philosophy continues to be guided by the three pillars of quality, service and innovation.

Its mission is to revolutionise the panel industry in India by setting the quality bar so high, that ‘made in India’ panel products should be synonymous with highest standards of quality across the globe.

Praveedh Decor is the only company in India to use ABS sheets as backer for all its OpuLux products. This engineered material provides a complete structural balancing to the panels, making it extremely robust and suitable for all kinds of applications.

Praveedh Décor’s products have been used to decorate premium showrooms, hotels, offices, homes, education institutions, hospitals, etc. all over India and overseas. Some of the common applications for its products are wall panelling, tables, fixtures, office furniture, table tops, wardrobes, kitchens and living room furniture.



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