Door-window demand growing @4.5%


Global windows and doors demand is projected to advance 4.5% per year to US$ 214 billion in 2021. The US and China will drive demand as they account for 65% of the global sales growth over this period.

Increased spending on new office and commercial buildings in China, and the ongoing strength of new home construction in the US will support this demand. These and other trends are presented in Global Windows & Doors, eighth edition, a new study from the Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

The Africa/West Asia region will see the fastest growth for this market, as rising income levels and increased rural-to-urban migration rates are supporting the purchase of new, formal housing units.

In terms of window products, plastic will account for the largest share of overall sales growth in value terms in 2021. The cost and performance advantages of PVC products, especially in developing regions where market penetration has not advanced as far as in higher income areas, will spur this growth.



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