US construction guide for NLT ready

The Binational Softwood Lumber Council has released the nail-laminated timber (NLT) US Design and Construction Guide, a first-of-its-kind manual for the US design and construction community.

The NLT Guide was conceived and prepared by skilled practitioners who are each dedicated to advancing high-quality timber construction across industries, typologies and geographies.

The guide provides direction to ensure safe, predictable and economical use of NLT, and offers practical strategies and guidance, including lessons learned from real-life projects.

NLT is a cost-effective solution for those looking to leverage the economic and environmental benefits of mass timber construction. It offers tremendous design flexibility and is readily accessible throughout the US, thanks to availability of raw materials and its ease of fabrication.

Equally important, NLT is already listed in the code as heavy timber, so it can be incorporated into a project without the need for an alternative solution application.



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