Joway machines: Smooth as silk, tough as diamond

Joway Machinery Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer with over 28 years of working experience in Taiwan. With such rich experience in making sliding tables, Joway is without doubt a reliable partner for woodworking machinery.

The Joway sliding table saw comes in four sizes (by cutting length), the 1900, 2600, 3200 and 3800 mm. The 3200-mm or the P-32 model, is commonly used. It is able to cut through a piece of 5x10-foot panel.

A standard P-32 comes with following features: 7.5 HP main motor and 1 HP for the scoring motor. The main spindle speed is up to 8000 rpm. Each Joway P-32 is equipped with a 305-mm saw blade, which allows cutting of a 100-mm height panel at 90° and 70-mm panel at 45°.

A 370-mm extension saw table and a 1300-mm cutting width device makes working smooth. To adjust the main saw height, blade tilting, scoring saw blade +/- direction, just slightly spin the hand wheels. A mitre fence allows the operator to make an angled cut.

The straight line rip saw, the JR-18 (10HP+2HP) equipped with a cast iron fence attached on a hard-chromium round bar, allows accurate positioning when operating.

The JR-18 has doubled-track chain conveyor that enables a wide working piece and making stable and precise operation. The maximum working thickness is 95 mm and the distance between saw to the column is 660 mm, the table area is 2000x1160 mm.

When it comes to safety, the JR-18 also equipped with a safety guard mounted on the auxiliary roller and a table with anti-kickback finger (optional).

Other optional devices are the digital control on the rip fence, powered elevation device and laser to make operation smoother and easier. There are features of JR-18 you wouldn’t like to miss: variable speed conveyor, dual-bearing drive line for the conveyor table and auto-lube system.




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