Answers to accurate tenoning, mortising demands

Wondering what is the easiest way to mass-produce chairs and other furniture? The round end tenoner, YRT-115, and oscillation mortiser, YOM-120, from Yow Cherng are designed and engineered to give you precision accuracy in tenoning and mortising performance.

Each machine is precision manufactured by the finest craftsmanship. They produce accurate tenons and mortises for superior jointing effect. But they are ruggedly constructed throughout, for maximum stability while at high speed operation.

All Yow Cherng machines are subject to rigorous quality inspection before shipment to ensure years of dependable operation performance. For superior tenoning and mortising operation performance, Yow Cherng machines are your best choice.


This machine is designed with two work tables for efficient operations and produces various tenons such as straight, miter, dovetail and T-shaped.

Three tenon directions (horizontal, vertical and 45°) can be changed quickly by turning the positioning disk. A mechanical meter is provided for high accuracy adjustment of tenon sizes.

The oil-less bushings for the table support and the disk eliminate the use of lubrication. Manufactured from high tensile copper alloy for long service life, these bushings also feature impact resistance and maximum wear resistance.

When requested, a frequency inverter can be applied to control disk speed. It permits variable speed adjustment for various type of wood material. This device is recommended when cutting plywood, MDF, and easily cracked panel.

The cutterhead structure (standard) is suitable for medium hardness wood materials. Its production rate is 12 work pieces per minute, while its sharpening frequency is 6-7 days of operation.

The machine employs two speed regulator knobs to adjust the table feed forward and backward speeds. Variable feed speeds makes the machine ideal for cutting hard and soft wood.


The oscillation mortiser is built with two work tables in the front and back of the machine, giving high production capacity. Air clamps provide convenient work piece handling.

The mortising width and depth are adjustable, with the help of a table that can be tilted 20°. Table height is adjustable, and its feed forward speed is variable.

The cutter oscillation speed, controlled by a frequency inverter, is variable to suit various types of wood material. The specially designed oscillation mechanism assures high accuracy of mortising.

A centralised control panel provides convenient handling and ease of operations.




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