Wood-Mizer to unveil new saw mill lines at Ligna

Wood-Mizer will launch Titan, a new range of high-volume saw milling equipment, along with a new LX series of professional sawmills at Ligna 2017.

The company has made great strides at expanding its product technology into new product ranges, and this represents a giant leap into high volume timber processing.

The ruggedly constructed equipment is designed for maximum endurance and consistent high volume output. Titan lines are capable of producing over 150 cubic metres of round sawn timber per shift.

The new line of high volume saw milling equipment will be represented by several individual units: the WB2000 wide-band saw mill, a wide-band twin vertical saw, and a high capacity Titan multi-rip saw and the Titan Edger.

The Titan machines are blue, to differentiate the new high output, wide-band line from the narrow-band industrial saw mills and the professional and mobile saw mills.

Previously shown in green and grey, the WB2000 has been added to the product range and will debut in Titan blue with a new head shape, and a new enclosed operator cabin. The WB2000 addresses customer requirements for ease-of-use, affordability, durability, and a wide-band capacity of 75-100 mm.

But the blue equipment will not be the only new sawmill line to be launched. The company has been actively developing a new LX line of saw mills, which present alternative features and capacity to the LT line. Newly designed from the ground up, the LX line was built according to feedback received, especially from emerging saw mill markets.

These saw mills will demonstrate features and construction that has never offered before. A comprehensive range of circular saw blades, frame saw blades, planer knives, wide-band blades and more will be presented in an expanded format during the event.

New advances in narrow-band blade technology will also be shown, particularly the new Vortex sawdust removal blade profile. This revolutionary profile results in practically zero sawdust residue on the board surface, avoiding a second process to remove sawdust before the kiln drying process.



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