Virutex open doors to endless possibilities

Since the launch of the Spanish company, Virutex, in the market in 1962, its woodworking machines and tools have achieved a well-earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability. It is represented in India by M.S. Klebstoffe.

Its FC116U milling machine is specially designed for the realisation of doors and other elements with great speed and precision, at the work site or in the workshop. Its special fastening system allows to working on already hung doors without damaging their surface.

It has quick measurement adjustments, which allows the realisation of multiple boxes in record time. It can also be deployed to work in a horizontal position.

For the creation of slots in galvanised doors or with overlap, the milling machine incorporates a regulation system that allows the centering of the machine.

Optional easily interchangeable cutters minimise the preparation of the FC116U for the milling of the socket for the front of the lock. Equipped with UT16I source, it allows quick and accurate transverse drilling for the passage of the handle and other elements.

A stop rod for multi-door scaffolding at the same height, rubber protectors for delicate work, service keys and outlet for external suction are all standard equipment.

The FR129VB milling machine is used for placing invisible hinges in a single operation, without changing the template. This hardware machine is special for the realisation of laces, in doors or frames, for all type of hinges and ironworks.

The fit of three or four legs can be made for opening doors to the right or left, without taking any measure and leaving no marks. It incorporates a new and exclusive system of jaws for simple handling.

The placement of the template in the new FR129N is very simple: a simple pressure is enough for the template to be fixed. Now the placement of prongs is even more comfortable and easy. It is available with 250-mm opening jaws.



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