Special foils for special demands

Furniture is about trends. Before the year 2010, radius-edged furniture was the rage in the industry. Today, we are seeing a trend with sharp and straight-edged furniture in almost all markets around the world.

Like all other commodity products, in furniture industry also, trends rotate. In recent years, Turkey-based Tece Decor has been receiving more inquiries and demands for soft-forming products for radius application. Radius-edged furniture is now again being designed and developed.

Tece Decor already offers soft-forming melamine edge banding, but its customers have demanded a more resistant product. So it developed PVC/ ABS foils in special thickness and flexibility.

This product can be used for profile wrapping, just like soft-forming edge banding. This flexible product is being used to wrap frames which become the edges of a table or a cabinet door.

The specially prepared wrapping material is produced in master rolls, and has a width of 610 mm. It can be slit to any size that is required: 50 mm, 100 mm or 200 mm.

Another important advantage of Tece Decor’s plastic wrapping material is that it matches 100% to the edge banding; therefore, it will match the board or any other design or colour requested. It is possible to use EVA hot-melt or PUR glue in the wrapping machine.



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