Robland launches new panel saw

The Belgian machinery manufacturer, Robland, launched its NZ 3200 automatic saw, at DelhiWood 2017. It is a machine with several options.

Movement in both directions 2 x 45° mitre cross-cut fence is a standard feature on the machine. The overhead saw guard is hinged, which makes it easy to fold it out of the way. There is an options with a support table.

The roller serves for the long and heavy pieces, a basic help for fast, simple and effective manufacturing.

Orderly, organised and ergonomically placed controls characterise the simplicity of the panel saw’s design. The movable device with start-stop function for the saw blade and scoring unit comes with auto star delta.

A quickly adjustable scoring unit thickness also has transparency for more safety, and a standard wide but small saw hood.

The optional digital flip stop on the crosscut fence guarantees reliable repetitive

precision. The optional digital read out on the parallel fence offers versatility and exact measurements.

Optional features are : support table with extra squaring fence; parallel fence with micro adjuster; and a digital read-out.

The machine works on 230V/ 400V 3-phase electrical connection; and has 5.5 kW motors. Its total weight comes to 1,050 kg.

The diameter of the saw blade and bore are 400 x 30 mm, running at up to 5,000 rpm. The saw blade tilts from 90°-45°, and achieves a cutting depth of 125-100 mm.

Dimension of the cross-cut table is 1420 x 650 mm, while that of the cross-cut fence is 2100 mm. The panel saw comes with dust suction ports (120 + 80 mm). 



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