Sanding without dust: Norton tells you how

The ‘Golden Spiral’, which is a logarithmic spiral based on a series of identically proportioned golden rectangles, each having a golden ratio of 1.618 of the length of the long side to that of the short side of the rectangle.

Norton Grindwell has applied the laws of Nature to create the most perfect and powerful sanding disc, the A975 Norton Multi-Air Cyclonic disc, designed on the cyclone pattern using the Golden Spiral, making it is the most effective disc when it comes to keeping the work area free of contaminants.

The Golden Spiral configuration of the holes allows the vacuum to pull the dust through the pad, creating an upward force, like a cyclone. The random orbital motion of the sander provides the lateral force, creating an ideal balance between the abrasive surface and the dust-extraction holes.

The patented Multi-Air Cyclonic disc has 346 holes in a 6-inch disc that are precisely cut by a laser. Unlike a die-punched hole, which causes deformation at the hole where dust can collect, thereby reducing cut and the ability to extract dust, the precision laser cut holes are true and flat and aid in directing dust into the holes to reduce contamination in the shop.

Multi-Air Cyclonic discs can attach to any multi-hole (54+ holes) backup pad since the holes in the disc do not have to be matched up with the holes in the pad.

Multi-Air Cyclonic discs are 89% more effective than conventional ones and 42% more effective than others. The advantages this renders are:

•   Create a cleaner work space with virtually dust-free sanding

•   Deliver more productivity with fewer product changes

•   Reduce labour costs per job with less sanding time

•   Generate more profit with longer product life.

Norton’s premium product for all wood sanding applications, the A275 no-filament Adalox paper sheets, are manufactured with premium grains and stearate coating and are the answer to the Indian woodworking industry’s needs.

Typical applications are filler sanding, between sealer coats, lacquer sanding. These sheets come in 9’’x11’’ sizes and grits of 80-1000.

Among its features are premium treat-treated tough aluminium oxide grains; unique fibre-reinforced B-Wt latex-saturated paper; water-based stearate; non-pigmented no-filament coating.

Among its benefits are high cut rate and extended product life; 60% improvement in tear strength and flexibility; and maximum load resistance and extended life.



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