High-value straight-line rip saw from Joway

Joway has recently introduced into the market its new straight-line rip saw, the JR-18 (10HP+2HP). The saw is equipped with a cast iron fence attached on a hard-chromium round bar, which enables accurate positioning when operating.

The JR-18 has a doubled-track chain conveyor that can handle a wide woodworking piece and allows for stable and precise operating.

The maximum working thickness is 95 mm and the distance between saw to the column is 660 mm, while the table area is 2000mm x 1160 mm.

The JR-18 is also equipped with a safety guard, mounted on the auxiliary roller, and an optional table anti-kickback finger to ensure safety.

For precise operating, optional devices such as digital control on the rip fence, powered elevation device and laser make working on the machine smoother and easier.

Other features of the JR-18 include variable speed conveyor, dual bearing driveline for the conveyor table and auto-lubricating system. 



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