Best-in-class machinery from Jai

Jai Industries offer an unparalleled array of products that include woodworking and panel processing machinery. Its range of machines are products of R&D backed, high-end precision engineering and have the best possible features and are made of the topmost quality material and components. All the products are backed by dedicated service and guidance.

Jai manufactures 30,000 machines a year in its seven plants spread over a total floor area of 4, 00,000 square feet. Its machines, specifically produced to suit Indian working conditions, ensure performance and operating comfort.

The Modula range of solid wood machinery have high-end features that are specially developed for units engaged in solid wood-craft business. (Compact)

The (compact) is a Vacuum Membrane Press that is suitable for factories having a space constraint.

Salient Features

Used for applying a uniform lamination of PVC, decorative papers and veneer till 0.4 mm on top surface and borders on flat & designed work piece having smooth shape

•       Vacuum abnormity wrapping technology having single table

•       Lamination of PVC foil on one side of MDF, particle board & solid wood

•       Silicon membrane offered for veneer application

•       Short-pressing cycles

•       More efficient, stable and long life high grade 3 hp - GERMAN vacuum pump, which reduce the cycle time with more effective pressing

•       Silicon membrane sheet is standard supply with the machine

•       One set of tray minimizer for optimum usage of work tray along with the machine

Additional features

Manual feed of tray for loading Special steel work table is high temperature and corrosion proof. The Heating is done by tube heater. An Additional 2nd trolley (optional) can be ordered any time separately. Compact Double Trolley is also available. (Semi Auto) (Semi Auto) is Curvilinear Edge Bander and an extremely flexible machine for application of PVC/ABS or Veneer on straight or shaped panels. It is a semi-automatic machine for curvilinear work piece, where the predefined length of PVC/ABS to be glued to the laminate can be set for repetitive work piece and the digital temperature.

 Salient Features

•       Pneumatic cutting device for pre-defined length, with foot switch

•       Glue roller apply glue on board & tape for perfect bonding

•       Gearbox for smooth & power drive with long life synthetics lubrication

•       Easy regulation of variable speed 4 to 16 m/min

•       Revolving edge coil holder plate 525 mm. Ø

•       Rubber & hard chrome steel rollers to support & guide the work piece

•       Working table with specially designed hylum surface for heat insulation and frictionless movement of work piece

•       Tilting working table from 0° & 45°

•       Electronic digital temp. Controller with safety circuit, which allows starting the drive motor only when the hot glue has reached the set temperature

Additional features

Specially designed hylum surface working table that can be tilted from 0°- 45°

The pneumatic cutting device can be set to actuate the pneumatic cutter to cut the band

The glue in the glue pot, glue leveler, wiper, the extrusion screw and the heating element all make a bonding system, which gives an effective & efficient banding to the work piece.

Specially designed height adjusting steel roller give perfection to edge band for proper fixing with work piece. is an Auto Edge Bander with pre milling & round cornering features. It is a sturdily built, heavy-duty machine designed to suit Indian working condition for precise application of edge banding material.

 Salient Features

• Pre-Milling unit with set of diamond cutters, as standard supply with machine.

•       Robust feed chain & conveyor system with German gearbox (with long life synthetics lubricant) for effective pressure on panels.

•       High performance machine with feeding speed 11 m/min gives more production.

•       Three edge banding pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders, gives adequate pressure on edge for effective banding.

•       Overall meter run (OMR) of edge band tape is display in PLC.

•       Project meter run (PMR) is to calculate total usage of edge band tape in a particular project.

•       High-frequency compact motors sliding on prismatic guide ways for perfect finishing with trouble free performance.

•       Automatic lowering of the glue temperature after a temporary non-use of the machine.

•       Easily accessible, user-friendly Smart Touch PLC control panel positioned at machine infeed, for quick operations.

•       All electronic & pneumatic parts are from well-known international brands.

• Low maintenance machine, easy-available, cost-effective spares, best service support.

Additional features

An optimal unit for panel edge pre-milling with two high-frequency compact motors.

Diamond cutters are standard supply with the machine. Individual pneumatic cylinder for perfect prepares the panel  for gluing.

Smoothes the panel for achieving perfect joint line of the edge.

The feed track has a robust feed chain and conveyor system. A German gearbox gives straight movement and effective pressure on small / big panels.

Glue spreading roller provides precise & consistent glue application. Perfect adhesion to the applied edge with 3 heavy duty pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders.

Heavy duty knife with pneumatic pressure cuts the edge banding materials up to 50 mm height & 3 mm thickness.

End cutting, fine trimming & rounding activity is powered by two  compact and powerful, high-frequency motors sliding on two prismatic guideways with recirculation ball bearings. that guarantee best finish on edge. Trimmer 2R cutter for PVC/ABS gives perfect rounding on edge of straight, chamfered and regular post formed panels.




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