Jai’s Panel Saw Machine

Adequate maintenance is a crucial factor for the long life of the machine (Panel Saw  Machine J-3200.in (2.0) / J-3200.in + (2.0)) and to provide conditions for its optimal working. General cleaning ensures the long life of the machine and is an important safety factor.

All maintenance/ cleaning operations must be done with the power turned off and personnel wearing protective gloves and have to be carried out by the machine operator or by a skilled technician.

Before carrying out maintenance operations, adjustments or to dismantle any machine part, turn main switch to OFF, look it then indicate this with a sign.

Machine Cleaning & Checking

•         Eliminate dust and chips from the table and all cavities by using power dust aspirator keeping the following points in mind:

•         With the sliding table move in fully entry side, then in other position in fully exit side, its bottom guides and its guide ways. 

•         Weekly clean all moving parts in particular the elements exposed to the dust and to the resin by using a brush or cloth with safe solvent.

•         Carefully clean: guides of crosscut fence, sideways of the sliding table & of the rail, rod of the fence, and groove by safe solvent.

•         Clean extension of pivoting arm and check that the dust scrapers correctly operate on the them.

Checking Of Safety Devices

Check the controls for emergency stops every 2 weeks with the following test:

-         With the machine under normal operating condition, press the emergency button arranged on the machine: the saw blade shall stop.   

(Note: if the belts get slack, the braking time may increase. Therefore, make sure that the belts are stretched in good condition.)

-         Periodically check that the guards are efficient.

-         Please stop processing and contact the local agent a.s.a.p. if there is a problem.

 Machine Removal – Storage

Disconnect the machine from the electrical and pneumatic system. After a total cleaning of the machine, wipe antirust protection unit, and preventing the machine in good environments.

Cleaning & Checking Schedule

Schedule maintenance is of the utmost importance to obtain the best performance as well as a safe operation of the machine.

Periodical Lubrication

An accurate lubrication ensures the long life as well as the best performance of the machine.

Weekly, lubricate the following areas with grease:


•         Worms and toothed sector for height adjusting and tilting of the saw blade.

•         Right and left guides, for the saw blade tilting.

•         Pivots for height adjusting of the saw blade.

•         The elements of scorer unit.

Belt Replacement- Main Saw Spindle Belts


-         Set the saw unit down

-         Stop the machine, turn the main switch to OFF; and then lock it and indicating this with a sign.

-         Open the rear door & loosen bolt A (Fig.1.1)                            

-         Lift plate B (Fig.1.1) of motor to the end of slot, then tighten bolt A (Fig.1.1) If the belts are slack they may be replaced

-         Set the new belts in the proper races as speed is required.

-         Loosen bolt A (Fig.1.1)

-         Move plate B(Fig.1.1) of motor to initial position (totally down) to stretch the belts

-         Manually make the belt rotation for 2 or 3 complete turns, so that it gets the right settling.

-         Tighten bolt A (Fig.1.1) & close the rear door again.

Make sure that the selected rotation speed is proper for the working and for the saw blade.

Belt Replacement- Scoring Saw Spindle Belt

-         Set the saw unit down

-         Stop the machine, turn the main switch to OFF; and then lock it and indicating this with a sign.

-         Open the rear door & loosen bolts

-         Lift the small motor and support it (e.g. with a wood traverse): in this way it is possible to replace the belt.

-         Replace the new belt and  lower the motor

-         Manually make the belt rotation 2 or 3 complete turns, so that it gets the right settling.

-         Close  the rear cover again

The belt remains always stretched by the motor weight.

Note: Never couple belts of different make, and set.

Replacement of the pair of belts is necessary for main saw spindle belts.

Belt Stretching

After the first working period or after many working hours the belts get slack and this will increase the time required to stop the saw blade. So periodically checking this part is necessary. The belt tension is right if, by applying a 3 kg force in the middle of the belt, you get an elastic flexion of approx.2 mm.

Troubleshooting and resolving problems

Carry out interventions only after carefully reading all that concerns the problem indicated in manual. For problems not described in manual apply to JAI Technical service. 

WARNING - Disconnect the machine from the power source. For preventing serious personal injury, ensure a professional technician turns off power before troubleshooting.




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