Catas ready for LCA certification

A team of Catas technicians are currently taking part in a high-level training project to support companies in their efforts to become sustainable. By June 2021, the Italian furniture testing and certifying company will have all the necessary tools to offer technical assistance to the companies of the wood and furniture sector and will be able to support companies in the processes of “green” analysis and design.

‘Life Cycle Assessment’ (LCA) is a method that evaluates the impact that products have on the planet. It imposes strict, precise assessment and measurement tools to be able to generate an ‘Environment Product Declaration’ that can be verified by a third party and made public.

The service will be based on a technical method already adopted in many other sectors, with all the required ingredients of precision and objectivity on the measurements defined by the UNI 11698: 2017 standard.

An activity regulated by a series of ISO standards that will allow companies to give objectivity to their commitment to “eco-design” not only as a will or moral commitment but as a design and production strategy.



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