Automated paint factory for bio-based coatings

The Italian wood coatings manufacturer, IVM Chemicals, recently launched the first fully-automated paint factory for wood coatings with a high degree of bio-based carbon. The pilot plant has an initial capacity of 2,000 tons per year.

The plant addresses multiple areas of paint production to reduce the environmental impact of coatings production. It uses bio-based raw materials and produces paints and coatings with very high shares of bio-based carbon and even 100% bio-based coatings.

Also, it is fully automated and closed-circuit to ensure the complete avoidance of production rejects and as well as VOC emissions during production. To keep the energy demand low, the plant only produces 100% UV-curable products.

It uses only sustainable raw materials and has considerably less waste reduction (-80%) and energy consumption (-30%) and has a much lower environmental impact.



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