Hybrid timber tower for Sydney

Software giant Atlassian has announced plans to build its new global HQ that will be an ultra-sustainable “hybrid timber” tower spread across roughly 40 stories and spacious enough to accommodate 4,000 workers. 

Employing Mass Timber Construction (MTC) technology, the wood tower will be wrapped in a distinctive glass and steel façade, to become the world’s tallest commercial tower of its kind at 590 feet.

Solar panels, built directly into the façade, will enable the building to run on 100% renewable energy. “Self-shade capabilities” integrated into the energy-generating facade will help counter internal heat gain on hot and sunny days.

By using mass-timber building methods, the completed tower will boast 50% less embodied carbon in its construction compared to conventional concrete and steel builds. When up and running, the building is also expected to consume 50% less energy than newly-built conventional buildings.



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