Wemhoener opens roller-coating line in China

Wemhoener’s first super matt/high gloss roller coating line of has successfully put into operation in Guangdong Gehua factory, in September this year.

The surface of the finished panel can achieve three effects: super matt, mirror high gloss and ordinary gloss. The super matt products use excimer laser physics ultra matt technology to make the surface gloss less than 5 GU. Further, the super matt products also have the characteristics of anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and anti-stain and give the sense of high quality in terms of vision and touch.

The gloss of mirror high-gloss products is greater than 95 GU, and the surface of the product is also resistant to scratches and stains, which accurately appeals to the current concept of simple European or light luxury styles and has become the hottest material in the current household furniture industry.

Wemhoener already has a very good reputation in the Indian market for their membrane presses as well as short-cycle lines and is now looking at introducing these roller coating lines to the country.



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