From Ukraine, 3D wall art for travellers

A Ukrainian start-up, ‘Enjoy The Wood’, has made its debut with 3D wooden world maps, each map made of 55 self-assembling pieces, for home and office interiors. The maps are made of birch plywood and have three-layered, stylishly designed pieces in natural, grey or blue colours.

The maps are made of very detailed, precision-cut wood using high-quality techniques, as well as eco-friendly materials. The exclusive feature is that one can mark all countries you’ve visited, or future destinations that one might have!

The maps already have tiny holes, so that one can simply put a pin in any location on the map. The world’s 15 most popular sightseeing marvels, such as the Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, and others are available as beautiful push pins.

Buyers have the option of illuminating the continents. The neon red,blue and green LED lights glow in seven main light options and a couple of illuminations. One can regulate the brightness of the light using a compact remote control.

Installation is easy and in under an hour as each map piece has a number that matches a template, part of the included installation instructions. Each map includes special sticky tape / double-sided removable adhesive that does not ruin the walls.

The maps come in sizes of 100x60cm (medium), 150x90cm (large) and 200x120cm (extra-large). The maps can be ordered on KickStarter. The trendy stylish design makes it a unique wooden wall décor for the home, office, or as a gift for vivid travellers!



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