Akzo Nobel has fire protection for wooden facades

Akzo Nobel has presented a new fire protection system for wooden facades with an ultra-effective fire-retardant primer being the key component.

The company’s marketing segment for wood coatings stated recently that due to its application properties, as little as 250 gm per square metre is needed to create an even and attractive appearance. This would mean around 29% less primer requirement than is the case with comparable products.

Approved in Europe in line with the required standards for reaction to fire, ignitability and durability, the system is classified as ‘B’, the highest fire-retardant rating that can be expected for an organic material such as wood.

The coating, which dries in less than 2 hours, is suitable for airless and air-assisted high-pressure spraying in a production line environment, with no additional investment in special spraying equipment required.



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