SavvyTech: a boon for Indian kitchens

The wire basket trend in the Indian market is slowing down. For years the Indian consumer had no choice but to use them as they were the only economical choice. Slowly people are moving to double runner drawer system.

However, no Indian brand is making organisers for these drawers, so consumers have to rely on premium European brands or go with plain drawers.

Saviesa is the newest brand in the modular kitchen market, brought by the pioneers in modular kitchens. Its innovative product range, SavvyTech, was displayed at IndiaWood 2018, garnering an overwhelming response.

SavvyTech is a range of stainless steel drawers with organisers to keep tools, utensils and implements in the most organised and systematic manner. Its drawer organisers are available in SS 304 and solid wood.

They are completely adjustable and can be custom-set to suit individual cooking habits, and custom-designed for storage containers that ensure optimum utilisation of space.

Saviesa has designed special attachments for systematic organisation of cutlery, plates, bowls, pots and pans. There are special attachments for plate stacker, knife holders, cling film/aluminium foil and SS canister sets.

The highlights on the side of the drawers are available in beech wood in two finishes: Natural and Walnut. They are the result of in-depth research into the unique needs of the Indian consumers.

These organisers are super flexible, so that they can be arranged in any size and shape.



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