Aristo offers an open-and-shut option

Aristo recognizes that a kitchen, with its central role, influence the entire home and perform more than just cooking functions. It has, subsequently, developed a set of products that serve customers who know the importance of what the kitchen brings to their lives.

Open kitchens have become a trend for new homes in India. On the positive side it integrates the kitchen with the rest of the home, which is very important for the homemaker. Unfortunately, however, Indian cooking is not conducive to these conditions.

The Aristo Train System helps families make the best of their open kitchens. This top-mounted sliding system without a bottom track can close off open kitchens only when required. The system tucks the doors in behind each other, leaving the open kitchen open under normal circumstances.

The Aristo Train System also creates a barrier to prevent the air-conditioning getting sucked out when the kitchen chimney or exhaust is running. It also helps in creating privacy when we have cooks and maids working in the open kitchen.

As homes get larger and the availability of packaged food increases, the requirement for larger kitchens with easy to access to storage also goes up. The current available kitchen storage solutions can be complex, cumbersome to use, and expensive.

Aristo’s simple floor-to-ceiling sliding door cupboards can be used to create a very large amount of storage within a small footprint. Aristo’s sliding doors are famous for their ease of use and full open access with no wasted space.

Locks can also be installed and the sliding doors do not occupy valuable kitchen space while open. The reflectivity of Aristo’s lacquered glass and mirrors also make the kitchens look spacious and beautiful.

Aristo is very specific in its design sketches, and have a set of creative designers who craft the most unique and elegant designs that are customised. They are proficient in revamping kitchen zones by incorporating the latest of designs that perfectly align with performance standards.

Aristo saw its inception in Russia 20 years ago and is now a leading player, worldwide, in sliding door systems and interior hardware products. Aristo India began in 2012 in Bengaluru, to be the dream destination for homes that are etched with elegance.

Its products grace over 10,000 homes across the country and more than 15,000 floor-to-ceiling installations in Indian homes have been made so far. (



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