Best of Europe, hand-crafted for India!

These one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted kitchen shutters have set new standards in customisation.

The Indian economy continues to boom and the construction industry – after a brief lull during demonetisation and the introduction of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act – is once again on the uptick.

Several new Indian and foreign players have entered the fray in an attempt to ride the wave in the housing industry in general and modular kitchens and wardrobes in particular.

Kitchens are no longer seen as a functional part of the home. Today, they spell modern designs, top-of-the-line finishes, hi-tech appliances, and are a miniature world in themselves and one that demands finesse, elegance and innovation.

Among the major players that have ambitious plans to feed into this need is the Bengaluru-based WurfelKuche, makers of custom-built European modular kitchens and wardrobes, who strongly believe that kitchen is the heart of a home.

Its promoters, Mr Khanindra Barman, Mr Pankaj Bhatia and Mr Naveen NJ, initially started as importers and distributors for a kitchen brand from Europe. During that stint, they learnt that although the imported brands come from Europe along with high quality and high price, it involved a great deal hassle in service and responses.

On the other hand, most Indian brands kept their focus on pricing, compromising on quality. Sensing a niche market for kitchens that incorporated best practices from both these worlds, they set up WurfelKuche in 2015.

“We imported all raw materials – from boards to screws – from Europe to meet the quality standards of imported kitchens and wardrobes. All technology, including the machinery, is imported from Germany to ensure that we achieve the best precision levels across the globe,” says Khanindra.

European ideal

After bringing technology and raw materials from various parts of the world, they decided to follow European techniques in their execution as well, with all the departments being headed by professionals from Europe.

“This not only helped us in setting up the European process right, but also encouraged our Indian team to grow positively and develop an attitude of not compromising on quality,” Khanindra adds.

Based on the four pillars of quality, service, durability and value, the brand promises to provide its customers not just products, but a world-class modular kitchen experience, through superior quality standards in designing, manufacturing, installation, servicing and other comprehensive solutions.

This, coupled with an insatiable appetite for success, has already seen Wurfel open up 28 stores across India in just 3 years. Three stores are also coming up this year in Qatar, Oman and Sri Lanka. Today, it is one of the fastest growing modular kitchen and wardrobe brands in the country.

What’s most surprising about Wurfel is its pricing flexibility with kitchens that start at even Rs 2 lakh. This kind of pricing is possible in spite of imported raw materials and fittings, because it is assembled at a state-of-the-art assembly centre right here in India. This not only helps Wurfel avoid excise duty and keep the price down, but also allows for European style kitchens to be customised for Indian homes.

‘Your story’

The company is currently working on acquiring patents with the aim of taking their kitchens to the global markets. The building of an exclusive series of Wurfel products is in the pipeline, which its founders believe would set benchmarks in the global kitchen industry.

Wurfel currently has 28 franchises across India – in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut, Mangaluru, Goa, Hubli, Surat, Vadodara, Gurugram, Srinagar, Patna, Vijaywada, Vishakapatnam, Mulund (Thane), Noida and Agra. It aims to reach over 100 showrooms in the next three years.

Taking customisation and innovation to the next level WurfelKuche launched its ‘For your unique story’ brand in Bengaluru recently, in the presence of some of the leading architects and interior designers of the country.

For the first time, the kitchen takes the role of a canvas. Made by hand, these one-of-a-kind hand sculpted kitchens set new standards in customisation and are crafted and inspired on the customer’s life story. ‘My Story’ kitchens pay homage to art and artists and are an expression of the company’s appetite for innovation and self-expression.



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