Dobson Pipe Organ Builders wins Wood Pro 2018 award

Dobson-pipe-organ : Dobson Pipe Organ Builders won Best of Show and a $500 cash prize for the project “St. Thomas Church NYC Organ Project.”

Dobson Pipe Organ Builders was adjusted the winner of the 2018 Best In the Wood competition at the 2018 Wood Pro, for  its St. Thomas Church NYC Organ Project. Wood Pro Expo is a regional event for woodworking businesses that brings together suppliers and experts for a localized presentation of equipment and supply solutions.

The 2018 winners were selected from the following categories: architectural millwork, custom furniture, custom kitchen/bath cabinetry, residential built-ins and specialty items.

Saint Thomas Church is home to some of the most celebrated liturgical wood carving in the United States. It was understood from the outset that the new organ case would incorporate a substantial amount of carving, and that it would have to meet the lofty standard set by Irving and Casson in their work for Saint Thomas.

Lynn Dobson and Dennis Collier, who were chosen to execute the work, collaborated closely, with Lynn preparing drawings of carved features and Dennis interpreting them in models for the approval of the organ committee. The final pieces were then carved by the Colliers and their team of artists.



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