Tata marries elegance of wood to strength of steel

Tata Steel has entered into the world of office and home construction with Pravesh doors, a revolutionary range of steel doors that are made with a new technology and combine the elegance of wood and the strength of steel.

Pravesh doors hold an edge over others in terms of ease of design, installation and quality.

Installing traditional wooden doors involves a lot to planning that include measurements and sizes, and has to factor in the holding cost of the inventory of timber. Good quality wood needs to be treated for termite and preservation and involves high maintenance costs.

Steel doors, on the other hand, are readymade and easily available. Existing metal doors are heavy, prone to rusting and become creaky in the long run. Pravesh doors come in a range of affordable, hassle and maintenance-free, durable and secured steel doors.

Consumers, architects or engineers now get access to a range of embossed designs, colour shades, natural wood finishes or plain steel finish. The strength and quality of steel is tested and approved and does not involve a pre-ordered inventory cost.

These doors give an edge over others in terms of ease of design, installation and quality. Adding onto the advantage of high aesthetic value they combine the strength of steel that prevents these doors from being easily dented, cracked or broken and are fire resistant.

They are weather proof and do not rust, are lightweight and provide the functional superiority of steel and aesthetic value of wood and are easy and quick to install. In addition the doors have a higher resale value, can be recycled and come with the assured quality of the Tata brand.

Casement windows

Pravesh windows are of two types: the base variant and the mesh variant and have a steel casement along with a vision glass. The windows are given a wood finish and come with a wide array of styles that are both affordable and energy-efficient.

Windows are hinged and are opened or closed by swinging in or out. The casement locks are hook-shaped and embedded within the frame, which makes them unbreakable.

Steel window frames are typically filled by a thermal break made of PUF, which greatly increases thermal resistance. The windows and doors are currently marketed in 21 states through distributors. (www.tatapravesh.com).



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