Compact CNC from Felder

Felder offers compact CNC technology with a space requirement of only 4.8 square metres. With attractive standard equipment, modern CNC technology and individual additional options, the Creator 950 offers efficient CNC processing at a fair price.

Smart zoning and working fields offer a flexible choice for door processing.

No lost time in changing tools – a big advantage when compared to other CNC machines – no vacuum pods and console positioning, no field selection, just start working!

The Format-4 Creator 950 comes in a variety of equipment options for individual challenges: available in classic, advanced, premium and D-complete. The fast and intuitive programing is one of the key technologies with Format-4.

That’s why the cost-effective use of the Creator 950 pays off from lot size 1. Thanks to the latest Format-4 software technology, you can create CNC machining programs quickly and easily.

The graphic user interface provides you a three-dimensional representation of every entry. In this way, you receive visual feedback on all entries at all times.

The 12-kW main spindle provides outstanding performance and allows the processing of a wide variety of materials.

The standard DH17 drill head ensures the comprehensive processing of work pieces. As an option, the machine can be fitted with a DH25 drill head.

The Format-4 ‘Profit’ H08 21.31 is a clear sample of nesting efficiency through automation. Especially developed for universal application, this profitable CNC all-rounder convinces with top precision and impressive productivity when processing various a range of materials.

The Profit H08 21.31 offers maximum flexibility and efficiency and is already a hit in basic equipment with 15 tool positions. For perfect, chip-free results, the main spindle is equipped with a 12-kW motor.

The main spindle is completed by a drilling head with eight spindles. Using the smart zoning vacuum control, the vacuum zones can be switched to manual or fully automatic depending on the work piece size.

Individual work pieces with variable sizes can also be positioned and processed in zones 1 to 6.



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