First recycled door coated with plant-based resin

Are you searching for paint or coatings that deliver outstanding performance while safeguarding the health of both people and our planet? If so, you’re in the right place!

Decovery is a family of eco-friendly resins with a difference: it’s made primarily from plants. As the heart and soul of plant-based paints, Decovery literally binds the product together, delivering a fine, durable finish in everything from children’s furniture to walls and wood.

In the humid kitchen environment a cabinet is only ever as good as the coating that protects it. Decovery resin provides a beautiful, natural finish while ensuring outstanding moisture and humidity resistance.

The plant-based coatings it helps to create are extremely durable and easy-to-clean, with excellent resistance to household cleaning detergents. And best of all, they’re kind to the planet.

Kid’s stuff

This plant-based paint resin doesn’t just look natural, but is natural for children coming into contact with it. Decovery contains minimal VOCs and is compliant with the stringent requirements of major brands.

This is a result of collaboration between PPG Wood Finishes, WeekampDeuren and DSM to further develop sustainable exterior doors by using recycled wood and plant-based coating. They joined forces to develop an acrylic plant-based coating to protect exterior recycled doors from external elements like sun, wind, rain in a sustainable way.

Currently mainly waterborne paint is used to protect exterior doors. But the binders of these paints still contain fossil-based raw materials. DSM’s Decovery replaces the fossil-based binder components of a coating for a large part with renewable materials while maintaining the quality and performance.   

PPG also uses Decovery in its air-cleaning, waterborne ultra-matte wall paints. This collaboration shows the value of connecting different parties’ in the value chain and creating awareness on the benefits of more sustainable paint and coating throughout the building and construction industry. For more, read at



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