The future of finishing with Cefla

Cefla Finishing is a world leader in coating, decoration and digital printing on items made of wood and its derivatives. The company designs and manufactures tailored and “turnkey” systems and is in the forefront for technologies in the fields of glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal.

The 3D digital prints, produced with J-Print and myTexture technology developed by Cefla with Kuei, ensures the tactile effect achieved is perfectly consistent with printed image graphics.

The device obtains an amazing embossed effect on all materials with a high definition finish, both in terms of sight and touch. This is achieved by perfectly registering the lines of the drawing traced on the surface and the corresponding relief.

A revolutionary solution, thanks to the above features and digital printing’s

potential allows for real time control and management of the entire production system. This updates the operator about the level of line efficiency, and the actions to be implemented to improve it, thus minimising non-productive phases.

Cefla’s virtual reality offers full immersion into the production line and allows extreme realism.



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