Jai’s (Semi-Auto) Double Head Boring Machine J-2102.in

Adequate maintenance is a crucial factor for longer life of the machine, and to obtain optimal working condition of the machine itself.


•         All the maintenance operations must be done with the machine turned off and wear protective gloves.

•         The machine and working area must be kept clean from working scraps and anything that could be hamper the working cycle or access to the machine itself.

•         The machine must be cleaned every day.

•         Make sure that no material not needed by the machine can gather on it preventing safe operation and causing danger to the operator during the normal working cycle.

•         Sliding guides, sliding bars and movement screws must be kept clean from working residuals: that can obstacle correct machine movements and damage machine efficiency .Do not use detergents or lubricants.

•         Make sure the machine is lubricated regularly. Grease the drilling head through grease nipple A (Fig. 1)

•         Check the electric system safety with the condition of the electric cables. Make sure there are no signs of wear, scrapes etc.

•         Check the clamping of the various mechanical components.

•         Check the air pressure, air supply must have 6 kg/cm² pressure.

•         Check the lubricant oil level in the air filter until and top up if necessary.





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