SCM’s IoT system for Industry 4.0

SCM, known for its range of industry-specific technological products and also for its ability to innovate, recently launched three new technologies for the woodworking industry.

The Minimax ME-35 combined edge rounder-trimmer unit has the ability to combine edge rounding and trimming features in a single tool, allowing compact-sized machines with minimized footprint.


Its carving spindle unit is useful for unique three-dimensional finishing effects on panels. With two routing units integrated into this sanding machine, a variety of embossed elements can be achieved.


Maestro Smartech is one of the most innovative solutions in the Maestro Digital Systems platform, as it can supply technical assistance through remote connection and direct interaction between end users and technicians through smart glasses.


Maestro Digital Systems platform and the innovative IoT solution Maestro connect makes the most of the “Internet of Things” concept to create a system for collecting and analysing data and monitoring a number of micro-services such as prompt, smart maintenance and optimised spare part management.


Accord 42-FX is useful for door, window and stairs manufacturers, and Morbidelli M220, is the new, exclusive furniture milling and boring machining centre.


The technologies with the best outlook in terms of business opportunities are the Morbidelli boring equipment, the Olimpic and Stefani edge banding machines and Gabbiani cutting machines.


The latest additions included the Celaschi P-40 squaring machine, the Balestrini range for solid wood machining and the new, integrated SCM range for surface treatment, which includes, finishing, pressing and sanding.



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