Smart Factory ensures connected workshops

Like other industries, skilled crafts and trades need to cater to increasingly shorter lead times and customer requests for customized products. This makes alternative manufacturing processes and matching information flows important.

Schuler’s Smart Factory is based on a new manufacturing and logistics concept that perfectly accommodates flexible and customer-specific manufacturing, and helps achieve this goal with continuous information flow.

In the future, small, autonomous manufacturing cells will make it possible to reach the necessary flexibility. Automated set-up processes and robots that feed and stack parts are just two examples.

This allows the machines to be adjusted to different products and requirements, thereby reducing manufacturing costs.

Automated guided vehicles ensure a smooth material flow between the flexible manufacturing cells. A master computer provides the latest information about the manufacturing state for optimum parts transport. This way every machine is best utilized.

A huge amount of data and the right information flow are needed to achieve this. The Smart Factory does an analysis of the current data situation, products and objectives and drafts a customized data concept to match individual requirements.



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