Efficient vacuum solutions from Schmalz

Schmalz is the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling systems and is known for its efficient vacuum solutions for the clamping as well as for manual and automated handling of wood and furniture parts.

With the vacuum blocks VC-S and VC-B, it has an attractive and flexible alternative to the original suction pads for CNC machining centers from SCM-Morbidelli and Biesse, and are easy to attach to the console.


The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Window and the vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo are used for loading at the CNC machining centers. It is particularly suitable for ergonomically and safely lifting heavy, large-format wooden boards, for example when destacking, transferring and placing the boards on the machine table.


It also means that the operator does not have to handle heavy workpieces. Workpieces can also be swiveled by 90 degrees using the pneumatic swivel fixture.


For automated handling of rough sawn wood, Schmalz has the area vacuum gripping system FMHD. This gripper is robust, particularly easy to maintain, and by virtue of its integrated vacuum reservoir,  uses very little energy.


Schmalz products are used all over the world, for example in applications in the logistics industry, the automotive industry, the electronics sector or in furniture production.



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