20% resin cut in board manufacturing

The IMAL-PAL group, together with Globus, are leading and flexible manufacturers of equipment and engineering for plants and complete lines, with an extensive reference list for a growing number of applications for the production of OSB, MDF, particle board panels, wood fibre insulation boards, pressed pallets, pallet blocks and special production lines for pellets.

Globus’ Sharpening Room is a unique fully automatic knife sharpening system for knife ring flakers, equipped with a 6-axes robot that is able to carry out all sharpening operations.

IMAL unveiled its Hi-Jet resination system for existing and new particle board, MDF and OSB lines, which can reduce resin addition by as much as 20%.


Dr. Galletti, Sales Manager of IMAL, who is also responsible for the Indian market, informed WoodNews during Xylexpo that all big MDF manufacturers in India are using the Hi-Jet resination system in order to save resin and reduce the emission of formaldehyde.


The latest evolution of the Dynasteam, the mat steam injection system, is installed on over 90 production lines, and with which it is possible to increase production by up to 30%. The group is negotiating the installation of Dynstasteam with several Indian companies.


The Group also showcased new and modern systems for the production of pallet blocks and pressed pallets, ideal for valorising recycled wood for the manufacture of wood-based products with an elevated added value.



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