6-side processing from Homag

No matter if it is drilling, routing or grooving to the top, bottom, the front, rear, left or right. Homag’sDrillteq L-500 processes work pieces from all six sides in one go. It is the professional solution for requirements that can be adapted into the production process because of its freely configurable equipment.

The freely configurable equipment provides the Drillteq L-500 with a very high degree of flexibility.

In addition to drilling spindles, grooving saws and routing units, additional units can be used for the insertion of dowels and fittings. The work piece handling system with the clamping elements is the basis for precision, dynamics and flexibility.

In combination with the top pressure beam the work pieces can be processed and transported through the machine at high speed and at the same time, with great accuracy. Processing in the edge area is also possible, thanks to the additional supporting clamps.

The machine is also equipped with error detection features that prevent malfunctions and errors by automatically comparing the target to actual dimensions of the workpieces.

The processing units are based on the proven unit technology of the company’s component groups. The machine concept is complemented by an efficient extraction of all units on the independently movable unit supports. This is ensured by the central extraction channel.



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