Greda offers tailor-made solutions

Greda provides industry operators with special machines, tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

The Argo, Sprinter and Diva are a complete range of NC 5-interpolated axes machining centers for the execution of both simple and complex processing on the five faces of the workpiece.

It carries out drilling, mortising, tenoning, milling, finger-joint, routing and other applications in machines used for the production of sporting goods, music instruments, gun stocks, from advertising to the production of moulds, elements for thermo-forming, power generators and also in automotive.

They can be successfully used in processing wood, plastic, aluminium, composite elements.

The company has always focused on software and tools to manage and control their machinery, in order to make them faster, more performing, smarter, while also being easier to operate, powerful and versatile.



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