Painting technology for Finiture finishes

Finiture Srl produces painting plants for wood surfaces and other materials and is a leading company in the field involved in the production of equipment for painting windows and doors, furniture, chairs, tables and wood elements.

The company has its own testing hall where  a range of  its products is installed, so that new machines can be tested and other tests can be carried out directly on products supplied by the customer.

In addition to the finishing of wood surfaces, it is involved in the painting of elements made of PVC and other composite materials and it has expanded its presence in the market with the installation of special, big-dimension plants, for the painting of pre-fabricated cross-laminated timber panels (CLT) for modern building technology.

The company has launched a single robot used for more than one application, that will work both on the vertical conveyor and on an horizontal one, further increasing the automation level in the technology for the finishing of door and window frames.

The new Pro Flow model, tunnel for the horizontal impregnating of single parts, is equipped with a PLC for the automatic control of the working and washing cycle.

The main strength of Finiture is the painting technology for the branch of window frames. In the branch of wooden windows, the painted surface is extremely important, even essential for both aesthetic reasons and to enhance its resistance to atmospheric agent and mold.

The systems and scanning software, used exclusively by Finiture, are top quality as far as quickness and precision of image elaboration are concerned. This translates into greater application precision and quickness.



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